Useful Tips

Here are different uses and techniques for using Original ExfoLatte:

Simple Exfoliation

Apply to dry or damp skin in small circular motions for 30-60 seconds. The longer you scrub, the more exfoliation is achieved. One spoonful can cover the entire body. For extra exfoliation, use more ExfoLatte on stubborn areas. Rinse clean and follow with your favorite moisturizer. (Same directions apply to facial application)

Cellulite/Varicose Veins Buster

Apply Original ExfoLatte to dry or damp sky in a circular motion. Wrap area in plastic wrap and allow ExfoLatte to do its work for 20-30 minutes. Rinse in the shower.

Dark/Puffy Under Eye Circles

Apply a small amount of Original ExfoLatte under the eyes in a gentle "patting" motion. DO NOT rub this area of skin. Let product remain for a minimum of 5 minutes. Use the Simple Exfoliation process to complete the facial. (Due to the sensitivity of this area of skin, use extreme care when applying.)







*Individual results may vary