Frequently Asked Questions 


Grounds in Hands

Can I use Original ExfoLatte on my face? TOP

Yes, Original ExfoLatte Body Scrub is gentle enough to be used on the face and any other area in need of exfoliation. 

Is ExfoLatte good for men? TOP

YES! ExfoLatte is an excellent pre-shaving treatment. It exposes hair follicles, allowing for a smoother, closer shave. ExfoLatte can soothe any dry or rough areas on the face and body.

Will ExfoLatte leave a tint on my skin? TOP

No, ExfoLatte quickly rinses clean from your skin. However, it is a great pre-tanning treatment. Use the Original ExfoLatte Body Scrub before applying your sunless tanning products to get a smooth, more even finish.

Am I going to smell like coffee all day? TOP

While using ExfoLatte in the shower, the bathroom will be filled with the aroma of a freshly brewed pot of coffee. However, your skin will NOT be left with a strong scent of coffee. After lotion and/or perfume/cologne is applied, the coffee scent will be completely gone.

Will ExfoLatte clog my drain or stain my tub or sink? TOP

The small amount of coffee grounds that go down the drain when using ExfoLatte is generally not enough to clog a drain. The coffee will rinse cleanly from tubs and sinks. It is recommended that all of the product be cleaned from any surface immediately following use.